Side Hustle Diaries is a weekly series that celebrates women who manage to balance a full-time job with a side hustle.

“Elizabeth works with an insurance company in Lagos. She will be telling us how she started her unexpected side hustle – making bridal bouquets.”

Please introduce yourself

“I am Elizabeth Modupe Musa, a fun-loving, eccentric, goal getting individual. I currently work with an insurance company, selling insurance.”

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(Photo: Modupe Elizabeth Musa)

Do you enjoy your full-time job?

“I absolutely love my full-time job as it has opened my eyes to an industry I used to be uninformed about. I get to expand my network and enlighten people about the essence of insuring their lives and property. I also work with an amazing team, so I absolutely love it.”

How did your side hustle start?

“I loved and have always been intrigued by flowers. I’ve also loved making spaces beautiful too, so I did a preliminary training for decoration. I wanted to do something with the knowledge I got from the training, so I started creating bridal bouquets. I spread the word and expanded into making flower crowns, boutonnieres, etc.”

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(Photo: Flower.Co)

Tell us about your side hustle journey so far

“It’s really been exciting. I started out by just word of mouth and with proper delivery and customer service, people starting giving me referrals. The lesson here is to always treat every customer like they’re your only customer. I’ve faced challenges too, like finding vendors and having some potential clients try to beat down prices because they don’t know the value of handcrafted work.”

How do you cope with balancing your work, business and everything else you’re involved in?

“I work on people’s orders before the deadlines so I have enough time on my hands in case anything else comes up.  I make out time to sleep (sleep is so important!) and do the other things I love on weekends.”

side hustle

(Photo: Modupe Elizabeth Musa)

Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs?

“Before you transition from having a side hustle to being a full-time entrepreneur, make sure you’re READY. It is not rosy at all. There will a lot of sleepless nights and you will work more than you did when you were running a 9-5 job. Be ready to sacrifice a lot.

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Another thing is that you should be careful with money. Don’t spend clients’ money before doing their jobs, or your business will be running at a deficit.”

side hustle

(Photo: Elizabeth Modupe Musa)