First and foremost,who is a customer?

A customer is a person, especially one engaging in some sort of interaction with others

Business interaction

Who purchase or receive a product or service from a business merchant or intend to do so

We should know without customers we are bound to be jobless And joblessness leads to brain drain

  • Do you treat your customers as kings and queens or you talk to them shabbily with no sense of regards ?
  • How do you retain your customers?

We should be treating our customers as queens👑 kings…They are worth it.

A customer is anyone who is interested in obtaining any service or goods from you with an exchange of something valuable.

A business transaction starts with just one person, but you can never tell what that singular connection will translate to.

There is always a mutual relationship existing in a real customer relations.

1 Say thank you
2. Get feedback from them
3 Consistently communicate
4 Highlight a customer experience

When a customer approaches you for a business transaction or vice versa, how you talk to the person matters, remember first impression counts. It could mar and it could make.

The number 1 thing to observe is to be courteous to your customer, no matter how small or young they are

Irrespective of their social or financial status, be friendly. A little smile and compliments work wonders🤗

Some customers are picky and pecky.

When a customer approaches , Offer them seat and if boxed up, you can get them a light refreshment. That’s for bakers who have their offices functioning anyway

Ask them what services do they want you to offer to them

This takes us to the a sensitive aspect of customer management

That is very key to the success of our work and also to the satisfaction of the customer


.how we bargain with our customers matters alot
As a baker you need to be sensitive
First, you need to know to the need of your customer
Second be detailed to the design of what your client/ customer needs
Third,be sensitive to your own ability, tools and equipments as a professional baker

This is where many of us fall

Please note, it is not business worthy to use your resources to work for clients who can’t afford what they are requesting for…in terms of adding your personal money thereby incurring loss instead of profit

Bakers, if the baking is going to cost you more than what the client is paying please politely decline on the transaction
You are a professional and things you do must be standardized
You are not to go extra mile to do things that are out of your reach, use equipment that are not yours, buying materials that you don’t have, just to deliver a cake with low payment. If you do, your business is already nose diving
Always relate with your customers on the basis of what your customers are demanding.
As a baker, you don’t belittle your profession by charging small amount on cakes, set a standard for yourself
You are not to over charge neither are you to undercharge
Your profit should be at least 40 percent above your total cost of production

Good and large bakers could have as high as 55% that’s when they buy ingredients in bulk.
In the worst case scenerio, your profit shouldn’t fall below 30%

You may ask me why

After, getting all ingredients and transports, what compensates for your time, expertise and energy is that 30%.
If you want to do promo, you should do promo, if you want to run a charity, you should run a charity, but don’t meddle business with too much compassion, reason being that, any short coming or fallout will boomerang.

You will be held responsible for the outcome of the product and its quality determines your own respect and quality of your product….no client wants to know the reason why you disappointed them in their work interms of design or taste.. So stay classy with your prices and your designs👌
Your products announce you and goes to places where you may not be at that instance.
Charge your customer based on the quality of work they want, time frame of request and delivery.

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