The global digital signage market is growing annually at a compound rate of 8.18% to reach a projected figure of $23.76 billion by the year 2020. Digital signage is an effective yet inexpensive way of engaging your clientele. Whether for advertising or entertainment purposes, there is no better way to use technology to benefit your small business.


Here are 5 ways digital signage can benefit your small business.


  1. Revenue generation:

There is no denying the initial financial outlay of acquiring your new digital signage, but this is one investment that will pay for itself. A happy customer will easily share their experience when marketed with powerful content on your digital signage. Invite them to write a review, connect with you on social media or invite a friend to your business. You can also engage partners interested in gaining access to your customers. Charging a fee while carefully incorporating ads that are useful to your customers is a clever way of creating revenue.


  1. Cost cutting:

Overhead costs of print media can be a pain when you consider the amount of work you have to put in to engage professionals to design and print out your content. Let us not even think about the man hours put into putting up, pulling down and distributing your print media.


Digital signage helps you get rid of a huge chunk of that cost. Mistakes can be rectified instantly without incurring further cost. The cost of maintenance is minimized and the lifespan of digital signage is much longer than traditional print media.


Run a promotion with an irresistible offer of price cuts on a range of products that are nearing their expiration date by colourfully displaying details on your digital signage. You can even put a time limit to make the offer more enticing. Something like “For today only!!”.

The loss in profit will not compare to the total loss of having to throw away the products you paid for.


  1. Educate as you inform:

A coffee shop that displays a short video of the coffee-making process will keep its customers entertained while informing them at the same time. Time will pass more pleasantly for a customer whose mind is engaged in learning interesting facts about the product your business offers, they won’t even notice the long queue.


Digital signage can also be used to provide highlights on the important happenings around your business so that customers don’t feel like they are missing out on anything. Quickly communicate emergencies with a few clicks to help keep your business and its clients safe in case of disasters.


  1. Employee engagement:

Digital signage placed strategically where only your employees can view them is a great way of passing useful reminders of leave days and safety procedures as well as employee recognition.

Digital signage can be used to pass celebratory messages in special events such as birthdays and anniversaries to keep the employees feeling valued so they give their best.


  1. Collect information for continuous improvement:

Interactive digital signage in the form of touch-sensitive panels is a great way of interacting directly with customers. Analysis of the data collected from these panels empowers you to know which buttons and portions of the signage received the most interactions and which areas need streamlining.


You can conduct polls as a way of putting a finger to the pulse of what the masses expect from your business.


Digital signage is a versatile tool of the modern age that entertains and informs while providing you with invaluable tools to generate revenue and improve your business. Continued use will help you get the right skills to make the best content for your niche audience.

Evolve to stay relevant with technology and march into the future with confidence.

Author – Mia Clarke